Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nascar Racers PC GAME

Release: 31 October 2000
Genre: Racing
Developer: Hasbro Interactive
Language: English
Size: 160 MB

Based on the exciting, new Fox animated TV series, NASCAR® Racers puts kids into a futuristic world of NASCAR racing. Become a supersonic speed star by living out the adventures of the NASCAR Racers TV show. NASCAR® Racers puts players in control of one of the cars of Team Fastex or Team Rexcor, two of the NASCAR Unlimited Division racing teams, as featured in the all new animated series. This 3-D racing game features three modes of play: Adventure Mode, which is story-based; Single Player Mode, where the player chooses a car with driver and a single circuit or racing season; and Two Player Challenge mode, which allows two players to race head-to-head. Key Features: ? Race the cars and characters as featured in the new NASCAR Racers TV show! ? Choose from eight different cars each complete with escape pod and special move. ? Race on eight different NASCAR Racers tracks. ? Race the computer or challenge a friend in first or third-person view. ? Make pit stops to fuel, fix damage and recharge turbo power and special move. ? Delve into thirteen mini episodes and race missions in the Adventure Mode.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98
Pentium 166 or higher
50 MB free hard disk space
4x cd-rom
2 MB Windows 95/98 compatible SVGA Video Card
16-bit Windows 95/98 compatible Sound Card


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